Smoked salmon and rosti

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It’s the weekend, so only hearty brunch will do and today the healthy weekday breakfasts of soaked grains and smoothies have been relegated in favour of smoked salmon on top of crispy carrot and potato rosti. Served with creme fraiche, beetroot and horseradish jam, cucumber gin relish and plenty of fresh dill, this breakfast is one to luxuriate in.

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And it’s so simple to make; the trick is to parboil your potato and carrots a bit before you grate them, this ensures that your rosti will be cooked all the way through.

Take 1 large, waxy potato (King Edwards, Maris Piper will work well) and two carrots and boil them in salted water for five minutes. Remove from water , cool for five minutes and then peel the skin from the potato.

Grate the potato and carrots on to a large plate, with a clean tea towel or muslin cloth underneath. When you have finished grating the vegetables, take the edges of the towel or cloth and blot away any excess moisture. Transfer the potato and carrot to a mixing bowl and sprinkle a handful of flour over the top, mixing gently.

Heat a generous knob of butter in a wide frying pan; whilst the  butter is melting, take half of the rosti mixture and shape it in to a disk shape using your hands; place it in the frying pan and then repeat with the second half. Fry until the bases are golden brown and crispy, then flip over. Add more butter as necessary. Once cooked, take off the heat and leave the rosti in the pan.

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In a bowl, mix two tablespoons of creme fraiche with some finely chopped dill, salt and pepper. Put to one side.

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To serve, place the rosti on a plate, cover with delicious smoked salmon and top with the creme fraiche mix and more dill. I served my rosti with a beetroot and horseradish chutney, and a cucumber, gin and mint relish, both from Marks and Spencers. I served the condiments in these ‘shot’ jars from Chez ski on High Street, Stamford.

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