Shall we fika?

The answer is yes, let’s. Loosely translated, fika means ‘to have coffee’ but also means slowing down to appreciate the good things in life. The Swedish get together with friends, family and colleagues to enjoy downtime, while sipping on coffee accompanied by something sweet. I had my first experience of the Swedish tradition at the recently opened Fika, on Oakham’s Northgate, where tempting cakes and sweet treats are served alongside Monmouth coffee.

The cafe is set out in true Nordic style- minimalistic with white walls, monochromatic accessories, funky lights and sheepskins draped over the back of chairs, while glowing candles and books about hygge sat on each table.  My friend and I enjoyed our drinks and the relaxed atmosphere so much, we ended up staying for a second; this time round my cappuccino was finished with a gold heart, which appealed to my inner child : )

Go get your fika on!
21 Northgate, Oakham, LE15 6QR




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