The Spirit of the Fens

Despite the seemingly endless rise in popularity of gin-drinking, I’ve never really been a fan of gin-based drinks, until I received this bottle of Fenspirits Rhubarb Gin Liqueur from a friend for my birthday. It’s quite a sweet liqueur but as it rolls over the tongue, you taste the sharpness of the rhubarb and the subtleties of the the gin’s botanicals. I enjoyed the liqueur straight, over ice but Fenspirits also suggest adding a splash to a glass of chilled Prosecco; I think this would also work brilliantly poured over ice-cream or sorbet. Fenspirits, based in Wisbech, produce a range of liqueurs, including, the popular Toffee Vodka and Lemon Liqueurs. The team have been busy picking damsons for their Damson Gin, which will be ready for Christmas. For more details or to contact Fenspirits, visit their website


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