Real Bread Week


According to the Real Bread Campaign, bread eating in the UK has declined by 50% per person since 1960. It’s not surprising really when you look at most of the loaves of bread at the supermarket- the standard loaf is far from appealing but luckily, in our lovely little market town, we boast not just one, but two bakeries that sell fresh bread and baked goods, Hambleton Bakery who make their products in the picturesque village of Hambleton and then deliver to their five shops, one of which is located on Stamford’s Ironmonger Street, and Asker’s, a family-run bakery located on Kings Mill Lane, just 200 yards from the flour mill that would have supplied the bakery with it’s flour back in the day and with a shop on Red Lion Street.

As it’s Real Bread Week this week (14th- 22nd May), I’ve been out to see what’s on offer at both of these great bakeries, the pics in the post were taken at Hambleton’s, pics for Asker’s to follow.


The Stamford Foodie.

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