Strawberry Vanilla Mojito

strawberry mojito-19
The sun is shining, it’s almost the weekend and I’m bringing you ‘that Friday feeling’ in a glass with this fruity, flavourful cocktail made with sweet strawberries, aromatic vanilla, fresh mint and zesty lime. Mojitos are brilliant drinks to enjoy al fresco and this one makes the most of the early arrival of strawberries, which herald the start of British summertime- even more reason to fill a glass!

strawberry vanilla  mojito
To make this vibrant alternative to the traditional mojito, you will need the same basic ingredients- rum (white or dark will do but for the record, I use dark), mint, limes, angostura bitters, brown sugar and ice. You will also need strawberries to cook down in to compote with a little bit of sugar and a good quality vanilla extract.

strawberry mojito ingredients
Firstly, hull 400g of fresh strawberries. Place in a saucepan with two tablespoons of caster sugar and a splash of water.  Cook on a low heat until the strawberries have softened, pulp the fruit with a veg masher. Set aside and allow to cool completely.

strawberry mojito

strawberry mojito
Get your other ingredients together, along with a cocktail shaker and pestle. Half fill your shaker with ice, then squeeze in the juice of two limes, add a tsp of brown sugar and a handful of fresh mint and grind together using the pestle.

strawberry mojito with rum
Add 40ml of dark rum (white will do), a splash of angostura bitters, a tsp of vanilla essence and lastly, the gloriously gaudy strawberry compote.

strawberry mojito-2

strawberry mojito

strawberry mojito
Put lid on shaker and give it a good shuffle. Empty the ice out of your glass and pour in the mojito mix, ice ‘n all. Top up with soda water if desired.

strawberry mojito-17
This is the perfect summer slurp! Now go make one!

J xx

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