Should I tell you?

Five horseshoes (1 of 4)

If you’re thinking of heading out tonight for a drink or bite to eat, then I would highly recommended having a little poodle out to Barholm for a relaxing drink and one of the amazing pizzas cooked in a wood-burning stove in a van parked up outside the pub. Sounds random, it kinda is, but it really works. My friend spent the whole summer raving about The Five Horsehoes, telling me ‘I needed to go’, ‘they did the best pizza’ etc but I never managed to get there, however, after a stargazing expedition fail (over cast/ no stars), said friend and I ended up driving to Barholm for a cheeky glass of wine and the pizza van just happened to be parked outside- and we just happened to be hungry.

We popped outside and checked out the menu. In all honesty, I had trouble choosing a pizza because they all sounded pretty tasty but opted for the Pork Meat Ball. We paid, went back inside to sit in the cosy armchairs we had claimed as our own and drank more wine, which was really quite nice; I’ve had so many experiences of small country pubs serving waff wine, that it’s what I’ve come to expect but the bottle of Sauvignon Blanc we shared was very, very drinkable- fresh, grassy, well chilled.

Five horseshoes (4 of 4)

There was a little wait for the pizza but we were quite happy chatting and taking in the quaint and cosy surroundings- roaring log fire, exposed bricks and beams, vintage bits and pieces hanging from the walls, the happy chitter chatter of other patrons- it was all good; and then the pizza came and it went from good to great. The pizzas are delivered to you at your table and the aroma rising from the box was incredible. Inside lay these beauties- perfectly cooked, piping hot, with generous amounts of cheese and toppings, nice thin base, absolutely delicious...

….so, I’ll be going back and keeping my fingers crossed that I get a table!

The Five Horseshoes is one to keep your eye on; in the summer months Groovy Foods are often to be found barbecuing their awesome burgers in the beer garden or serving up a hog roast to revellers whilst they’re having a drink in the sun or listening to a live band playing.

Roll on summer!

The Stamford Foodie.






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