A Cosy breakfast

Cosy eggs with Wye smoked salmon

Cosy eggs with Wye smoked salmon
One of our favourite places to go for Sunday brunch is The Cosy Club on Horseshoe Lane, for a start it’s open at nine, which means we can get away with feeding the girls a banana for their first breakfast safe in the knowledge that they’ll soon be feasting on a pile of pancakes; secondly, we like the atmosphere in The Cosy, it’s got a cool, quirky appeal, with it’s lofty, industrial interior softened by mismatched furniture, gilt frames, antique mirrors and vintage lampshades, plus it’s pretty chilled- no-one seems to mind a screaming child (or two), in fact The Cosy is so cavernous that the sound of tantruming children seems to be drowned out entirely- bonus for parents and non-parents alike! And finally, the reason why we choose to eat at The Cosy Club more often than not for Sunday brunch is because the food is really quite good in a no-complaints-so-far kind of way.

Cappucino at The Cosy Club Stamford
Although there is a consigned dining area within The Cosy Club, we prefer to sit ourselves at the one of the coffees table either side of the main entrance, usually on the left hand side in close proximity to the boxes of toys that are well-placed to keep small children occupied, giving their accompanying adults a fighting chance of holding some kind of conversation. I believe that brunch and snacks can be eaten in these lounge areas but main meals should be eaten in the dining area.

Cosy breakfast and choc alchemy-4
As we enter we pick up food menus for ourselves and a couple of children’s menus for the girls, which are single sheets of a3 paper designed for colouring in (crayons are also provided).  There aren’t that many breakfast options on the kid’s menu- just a small version of the English breakfast or poached egg and beans on toast, so we tend to order the girls pancakes (three American-style pancakes with a choice of fruit and creme fraiche or streaky bacon and syrup) from the normal brunch menu, which is served from 9am to 6pm everyday and offers plenty of options to suit all tastes, from the classic bacon sarnie to mushrooms on toast, steak and eggs and ham hock hash complete with The Cosy’s very own ‘breakfast gravy’, which could also be called brown sauce gravy.

Cosy breakfast and choc alchemy-5
The full English is definitely a favourite- all the usuals plus black pudding and fried potato- with all elements nicely cooked and tasty, however, after this last visit I may have a new go-to brunch option in the Cosy Eggs with Wye smoked salmon, the eggs were cooked perfectly, the smoked salmon was nice (I recently did a blind taste test between Morrison’s cheapo trimmings and M&S Lochmuir varieties and even though I really wanted them to be indistinguishable the M&S salmon kicked ass, the point being that the salmon on my eggs Benedict was good). The only disappointing thing was that eggs hadn’t been strained off particularly well and as a result parts of the muffin were slightly soggy. Everything else was good- my partner had pancakes with bacon and demolished the lot and then finished off some of the girl’s pancakes too and the coffee was good, as always.

Cosy breakfast and choc alchemy-3
Breakfasts at The Cosy are easy- there’s plenty on offer, the food is cooked well and the staff are a pretty friendly bunch and all genuinely seem to like being there, plus, there’s entertainment for the children, some cool (but not too cool) music playing in the background but most important is the general vibe of the place- it’s so laid back that it feels like you could be at home, being waited on in your own living room, which I guess is why they call it The ‘Cosy’ Club?!

Anyhows, until next time……

The Stamford Foodie.


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