Humble Pi

Reuben sandwich from Humble Pi, Stamford
Having spent the last two weeks wearing holey clothes, I thought it right about time to invest in some new threads. Not one to spend huge amount of time trawling through rails of clothes or trying on a couple of dozen outfits, I was fairly positive that a short shopping trip with the kids in tow was achievable and could be done without too much bother, so off we trundled in to town.

I was pleasantly surprised by the girls agreeability in the matter- they managed to entertain themselves by hiding under the clothes rails, picking outfits out for me (crop tops- never gonna happen!) and then squabbling over who should be sitting in the pushchair, whilst I quickly browsed the rails. I found clothes- yay! I bought clothes- yay! And all without too much of a fuss from my little beauties, so I thought I’d treat them to some lunch in town.

We walked past Humble Pi, which is located on Silver Lane, just up from the health food shop where Beans used to be. There were a couple of customers outside drinking coffee, so I thought we’d poke our heads in and see what was on offer.

There were some lovely looking cakes and tray bakes in a display unit on the serving counter, the sandwich menu was good and just happened to include a reuben, which is my favourite sandwich…….. and then we spotted the milkshake menu- oh my days! That’s the moment I fell a little bit in love with Humble Pi- the milkshake menu is extensive, with probably 20+ flavours to choose from. The girls quickly chose strawberry and white chocolate shakes, but with so many on offer, I had a little more trouble making a decision- chocolate hazelnut or strawberry shortcake? Banoffee or malted peaches and cream? Malted peaches and cream?! How are they even coming up with these flavours?!!??! Yum!!!

Humble Pi milkshakes and sandwich

At this particular point, the cafe was quiet, so we bagsied the little snug area at the back of the room and made ourselves comfortable. The food was quick to come and I couldn’t quite get my head round the size of the milkshakes, the girls’ were good, mine was enormous- a whole pint of thick, Caramac flavoured ‘shake- it looked like a meal in itself! Frustratingly, the pictures above haven’t weathered the journey from phone to laptop very well and they are minuscule and don’t do the drinks justice at all but take it from me, they were epic!

The girls seemed to be a little distracted/ full from drinking their milkshakes and didn’t really eat much of their sandwiches at that point (they did later in the day though, as I wrapped what was left up in napkins and took them home with me- I’m sure I’m not the only mum that does that?!) but the bread looked good- thick and hand cut, almost as if it were made on site and all three dishes were served with a handful of fresh, green salad which my eldest gobbled down. My reuben was good- not at all shy on the sauerkraut front, which suits me.

Since visiting, I have been on to Humble Pi’s Facebook page and seen a lot of posts about cookies with all manner of additions including Oreos, Munchies, Rolos  and Terry’s chocolate orange, I don’t know how I managed to miss this in the cafe, although the last Fb post was dated Aug ’13 so maybe it’s not something they do anymore? Or it could just have been me with sleep-deprived vision as I also completely overlooked the coffee, which, after I’d ordered my milkshake and sat down, saw a ‘beans roasted on’ date, which would indicate an understanding of how to make a good cup of coffee, I will definitely have to go back and see what the score is here as I’m desperate to find a great cup of coffee in town without having to rely on the High Street coffee giants or waiting ’til Friday to see Bruce from Silver Oak.

Anyhow, coming back to our experience of Humble Pi… it was good, the food was good, the service was good but the real winners were the milkshakes- they were fantastic and I’m really rather keen on trying some of the other flavours (OK, what I actually want to do is work my way through the entire menu but that probably shouldn’t happen). It would be great to see Humble Pi offer a takeaway service for their drinks menu as I can imagine walking in to town with the girls, picking up a shake to go and then strolling back to the meadows for a milkshake picnic and here’s hoping the coffee lives up to expectations!

Until next time,

The Stamford Foodie.


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