Cafe Black

Cafe Black caramel latte

Well, I’ve broken my Friday morning tradition of coffee from Silver Oak and have ventured in to one of Stamford’s most popular independent coffee houses, Cafe Black, located on the corner of Ironmonger and High Street. In all honesty, despite hearing great things about the food here from friends, I’ve put off going in to Cafe Black, with it’s stylish white and bright interior, because of my freakish preference of all things dark and shady. And yes, I appreciate that makes me sound like a nutter; I guess I just have a romanticised idea of what a coffee house should be- dark and intense like the drink, with serious, deep thinking individuals reading poetry on a small stage in the corner of a small, dimly lit room : )

Well, Cafe Black turns that ideal on it’s head because it’s light, spacious and the staff are far from serious, in fact they’re really quite personable and I had a lovely chat with a couple of members of the team and came away with a very positive impression of the cafe. The coffee menu was adequate and there were plenty of food items available, like sandwiches, paninis and gateau-style cakes but what really impressed me about Cafe Black was the selection of cakes/ bakes that are made on the premises by the team. They looked really nice, so I picked up a coconut tart, layered with a tangy lemon curd and topped with a glace cherry (winner).

Homemade coconut tart from Cafe Black, Stamford.
The pastry was thin and crumbly with no soggy bottom, the filling was sweet and flavoursome and it was quite a generous portion. Drinks-wise, I ordered a caramel latte, which wasn’t what I was hoping it would be- I was hoping for a rich, buttery finish and it was just kinda sweet, but hey, I ordered a caramel latte, right?! I’m definitely going to go back and order a standard cappuccino and use that as the benchmark to measure the quality of coffee being served in Stamford’s coffee shops, of which there are many!

I’m glad I went in to Cafe Black, it’s a really friendly place and I felt welcome, even though I was only in there for 5-10 minutes. A good friend raves about the breakfasts served here, so I think I’m going to have to overcome my dislike of bright and white spaces so that I can review the ‘full english’ and see how it compares to places we’ve already been. Definitely worth another visit.

Until next time,

The Stamford Foodie.


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