One hell of a burger at the No. 1 Kitchen

'STuffed' burger at No1  Kitchen

Meeeeeeaaaaaaaat!! That’s something you get plenty of at No 1 Kitchen, Castle Street, Stamford- big, fat burger patties, dripping with juicy, beefy goodness, sandwich between toasted buns and stuffed with fresh salad and relish. As far as burgers go, these are pretty darned good.

The fella had an All American (cue internalised rendition of American Beauty/ American Psycho) the classic stack of beef, bacon, cheese and gherkin, which was devoured a little too quickly (hadn’t eaten all day, apparently), whilst I ordered a ‘stuffed’ burger- a classic beef patty with an oozing blue cheese core-  it was freakin’ delicious  No 1 Kitchen have got their patties down to perfection- good sized portions of beef, hand pressed with a perfect ‘pack’ (tight enough for the burger to stay together but loose enough for the patty to remain tender and juicy) and cooked on open flame for that sweet, chargrilled smokiness.

All American burger from No 1 Kitchen, Stamford

With over 20 options for burgers alone (1o beef, 7 chicken, lamb, mushroom, veggie and bhaji) there’s bound to be something to suit everyone and if you’re having trouble deciding which burger to go for because they all sound so bloomin’ lovely, then you could opt for a selection of ‘minis’- smaller versions of the five most popular burgers that are also great if you’re after a lighter bite or dining with children, although on this occasion, my little’n opted for the home-breaded chicken strips (appetiser) which looked lovely- crispy and plentiful.

sweet potato fries at No 1 Kitchen

We ordered a selection of accompaniments for the table- chunky and skinny fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings, coleslaw and dips. The fries were brought to the table in mini frying baskets and all were perfectly crisp, as were the onion rings, although they were barely touched as they came to the table late and we were all pretty stuffed by that point! That was only fault on the service-front, the staff were otherwise spot-on and even held the kitchen open for us whilst my friend and I waited for our partners to get parked up and find the restaurant (Apparently the kitchen closes at 5 and although I did see the maitre d’ turn away a few parties at the door, they then started to serve again within the time that we had eaten. I’m not entirely sure what was going on- maybe the kitchen closes for a clean down?)

Coleslaw and dips at No 1 Kitchen

If burgers are not your thing then there a good number of alternatives to choose from- chicken, steak served on hot stones, skewers and salads, and dips, we can’t forget the dips because they are the cherry on the proverbial cake. With 13 to choose from there are so many flavour combinations to be had- my favourite was the blue cheese (yep, blue cheese again) which was creamy, tangy and the perfectly savoury offset for the sweet potato fries.

All in all, this was a very pleasant dining experience and it’s good to have found somewhere else that accommodates families, at the time we went out to eat, there were already several families dining with small children. It’s a friendly, relaxed environment and one that we will be returning to, although I will be on the look out for out of date juice drinks as the girls were given Fruitshoot-type drinks that were past their best before (these were taken off the final bill).

No 1 Kitchen is good all round- nice, modern but comfortable setting, tasty food that is served quickly and pleasant, welcoming staff. Now go burger off!

Until next time,

The Stamford Foodie.

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