A brownie a day………..

Choc-fest at Love Stamford

In my ideal world, chocolate would be a health food. Now, I know there are going to be some smart arses out there who’ll argue that it already is, but I’m not talking about the 80%, saliva-sapping kind, I’m talking about chocolate of the hot/ brownie variety! Hubba, hubba. Especially if it’s a brownie from Love Stamford, the uber-child-friendly cafe/ shop that took over the premises on Broad Street that once housed Sukie’s Party Emporium.

For £3.50 per child, or if you spend over £5 at the ‘mini bar’, which sadly does not sell wine but does offer the usual teas and coffees and a selection of cakes/ bakes, you can sit back and enjoy five minutes of unwind-time whilst your sweet little infants wreak havoc in the gated play area. There are lots of new and clean looking toys for the children to play with and occupy themselves whilst you browse round the shopping units, which currently house Fabricadabra and Bubble & Squeak as well as any other pop up stalls are open at any particular time, or just sit back, relax and indulge in a perfectly baked, flake-filled brownie- chocolate covered in chocolate? Yes please!

Now, I have had a coffee from here- I think it was a hazelnut latte- and it really wasn’t what I was expecting, it felt too ‘thin’ in my mouth, as though it was made with skimmed milk, but then I am quite particular about my coffee and I like it to feel rich and luxurious and even went to the extreme of badgering the guy from Silver Oak Coffee (who has a stall at the Friday market) about how to make the perfect cup of coffee at home, which involves weighing the grounds and timing how long they brew for. So, every time I’ve been into Love Stamford recently, I have had hot chocolates or mochas and they have been very nice. And the children do like to have a babycino when we visit……yep, I’m definitely starting to sound like one of those ‘overheard in Waitrose’ type of people, aren’t I?

So, if you are shopping in town and fancy a drink but can’t face the thought of young Tarquin running and screaming around a quaint tea room, whilst you have a much deserved cuppa, then head over to Love Stamford, for five minutes of peace and your chocolate quota.

Until next time,

The Stamford Foodie.

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